Peace Starts Here.

Hey, you! I’m glad you decided to click on this post. From the title, I’m sure your looking for answers that revolve around PEACE. My only disclaimer is to state that I am not an expert on life. The position I will be taking is someone who can empower, help and tell you my story in hope that my words give you space to meditate on your peace.

What would make you happier right now?

Perhaps it’s a chain of things like: money, a car, stable family and friends, a relationship, good grades, nicer clothes, quiet time and/or better health. These are only a few areas that could make life a bit more peaceful, and thinking about them or the lack there of can be overwhelming. Emotions increase, thoughts start jamming together, the heart races, and then what? Trying to find peace is like trying to find a four leaf clover! It exists, but where, but when, but how . . . ?

Since July 2016, I’ve been looking for peace. There’s been so much going on in my life. To name a few things: I got engaged, moved to a new city, and started graduate school. Everything is extremely awesome, but baggage came with each area. A new engagement meant planning a wedding. Living in a new city meant no close family or friends. A new graduate school meant tests, homework and determining my career. Scary right? Well it was and still is to me. I lacked peace in these areas because I wasn’t fully happy.


So, when you don’t feel happy, what do you do?

For me, I started making goals and plans so that I could find that “four leaf clover”. I wanted to be happy/peaceful and I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I created multiple Pinterest boards for my wedding, I created group chats with new people I’d meet, and I bought a planner! By late August 2016, things were looking great; I felt in control! Then, in September, things started falling apart again. From day to day, my level of peace was on a roller coaster. I found focus, then lost it. I built up my strength, then I grew weak again.

Have you ever felt this (i.e. weary) before?

I had to sit down and think, Why aren’t I succeeding in my plans? I’m focus, I have a plan, I..I..I. Then it hit me, I was too focused on what I could do or what I had control of.


What’s your point, Tiffany? And, how will peace start now!?

You see…in life, we put so much pressure on ourselves. We determine our own goals and try to reach them in our own efforts and abilities. I’m not saying we aren’t capable of fulfilling our goals and dreams, but have you noticed that when we place matters into our own hands, at times, things don’t always go as planned?  Well, it’s something I’ve noticed. I noticed that as much as I want to be in control and be certain of the outcomes in areas like my wedding, new friendships, my career, etc., I just don’t have that much “power”.

As much as I’d love to map out life for myself and provide things that will make me happy, I understand that I can’t do life on my own. Life throws so many burdens, worries and problems at us that weigh so much, so wouldn’t you want to trade all that for peace? WELL, YOU CAN (you may not believe me, but just read)!


Peace Starts Here:

Matthew 11:28 – Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

Philippians 4:6-7 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.


Do this exercise: Find a quiet place, close your eyes and genuinely ask from your heart/soul “Help me find peace.”

I know, you probably assumed I’d make this about Jesus in some way. You were right. He’s included because He’s where I found peace. After I started giving God my burdens, he replaced my weariness with peace. He wants our worries in exchange for peace. Easy bargain! Let’s not forget, life will continuously give us obstacles,  but don’t worry it’s Life, that’s it! ❤

When your mess becomes your message, you’ve reach the next level. Keep going! 🙂




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