Poem: The Journey

Have you ever experienced a night when you are really tired, but as soon as your head touches the pillow, your mind starts RACING? Last year, I wrote a poem for my church’s youth day which was themed, “The Journey”. So, this post is going to be a little different. Picture this: an individual, lying in bed, thinking about the struggles he/she is going through in life. Fortunately, towards the end, the individual sees his/her life in a different light…(Click here for audio if you’d like to follow along).

Why does life keep hurting me?
Questions popped in my head
As I laid in bed
Pondering my Christian Journey
When is it going to be my turn?
I’ve looked to my left and right
And it seems like God is flashing his spotlight down on everyone, but me
As if I was no longer a concern to Thee
Lord, have you forgotten me?
You see, instead of counting sheep
I wrestled in my sleep
Counting all of the things God wasn’t allowing me to achieve
Because if I had to ask my mother for money one more time
Or take that 2 hour long bus ride
Or fail yet another exam
When I see people getting money, cars, and As SLAMED in my face
Yeah, I began to question my faith.
Was my walk in Christ in vain?
For those who chose the wide lane were advancing in their wickedness
But I chose to assess my steps and follow the straight and narrow path of righteousness
I continued to toss and turn in my sleep
When God decided to leap in my dreams
He showed me a vision of Job
Who remained controlled and interlock with Christ
Despite being ripped of all family, wealth, and his flock
 As righteous of a man as he
Job lost everything
But Job did not charge God with wrong
He realized his wealth had always belong to God anyway
For the Lord gave, and the Lord taketh away
And still, Job patiently waited and was given double for his trouble
The lesson of patience began to settle in
Then, my dreams quickly shifted from Job to Jesus
Who lived a perfect life, yet was still mocked, scorn and killed
And I had the audacity to question the King of Kings.
Suddenly my eyes were open
I felt the urge to quick moping and run to my secret place in him
God showed me over my adversities
I was gifted with peace, grace, and mercy
I might not have the money, but God was showing me the importance of peace and being content with the blessings I already received
I may not have the car, but God keeping me away from the scars that I would get because I was mature to be on the road yet
And those students getting A’s, got caught cheating, yup those C’s were God’s grace because I didn’t study for the test in the first place
Wow, I was senseless and ignorant
I noticed in that moment
My alone time with God was not as frequent as it used to be
Our time together became dormant
Without being in his presence, I didn’t know my next step
Yet God knew
He was always with me
Which is where I misconceived the Christian Journey
Just because I couldn’t see, didn’t mean God was forming his next best masterpiece
For my life
I got back in bed
For God erased all the strife
held in my head
I closed my eyes and said
Thank you
Thank you Lord for the peace you instilled in me
Thank you the grace you given me even when I wasn’t worthy
Thank you for your mercy in which you pardon me
I rather be safe in your arms
Than in harm like those who are unfaithful to you
God, you are my strength of my heart
Your ways are true.
My Sovereign Lord and my refuge

I hope you were able to capture the picture behind this poem. Thanks for stopping by. And, don’t forget…it’s Life, That’s it ! ❤



This photo was taken when I recited the poem above. Life is a journey!




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