Worth the Wait

When you think of waiting, what do you see? I use to see a huge black space of nothing!! Waiting can seem like the longest pause in time because no one really knows how long she/he has to wait. If someone were to tell me “Wait!”, I’d yell back “How long?” because playing the waiting game is never fun. I’d like to think that my time is precious, and I would never want to waste my precious time…you know.

The way the world is structured today, we, as humans, have instant access to whatever we desire. For instance, if I want to talk to a friend, I can easily call and text her, or contact her through social media. We’ve been spoiled by the evolution of technology, which may not be totally horrible, but it does take away from the importance of waiting.


There is a lot of good in waiting. No, it’s not just a black space of nothing; there can be a brighter side. You experience exciting benefits, and learn about patience. But before I explain the benefits and different ways of waiting, I would like to share a short story about waiting in my relationship:

I went to college in 2012, and I had this entire plan on how I was going to meet my future husband. He was going to be more than 6 feet tall, dark skin, and a “bad boy” Man of God. At 17 years old, I was a faithful follower of Christ, but in regards to meeting a guy, my prayers were vague. So, during my college’s orientation field trip, I met a guy who actually met my vague requirements and I was pumped! (Thoughts to self) Wow, I haven’t even started school yet and I already got the man I prayed for! We began conversing and when school officially started, we hung out from time to time. In the very beginning, I saw red flags from his “bad boy” demeanor that I  prayed so hard for, but I didn’t see the problem. During this time, I made many friends one being a very kind gentleman, who I nearly “friend-zoned” because I was focused on someone else. After a week into school, I noticed I rushed into things too quickly with the “bad boy” and quickly stopped seeing him. I was agitated. I didn’t want to wait for my dream guy because I already waited so long. Well, a few weeks or a month passed by, I stopped communication with the “bad boy”, but I still had all my friends (females and males), plus that really nice gentleman who was more than 6 feet tall, but not a “bad boy” Man of God. However, this gentleman was really pursuing me. He’d open doors for me, eat lunch with me, meet me in the library to do homework, and start long conversations about his faith and goals. And in this time, I was, personally, learning more about God’s character, and his meaning of wait.

In the bible, the word wait means “to look eagerly for, and to hope”.

After seeking God more, trusting in his plan, and waiting with great expectation, God revealed, after 6 months, exactly who He planned to have in my life, and it was that “non-bad boy” Man of God, who was more than 6 feet tall, but more importantly, he genuinely exemplified a heart of Jesus. To be continued…


How ‘s that for a new picture of waiting? Lol. Please don’t allow the word “wait” place a black space/image in your mind. Waiting can be very beneficial and there’s many ways you can wait!

The Benefits of Waiting:

  1. Patience: Although time may be passing by, you’ll learn to stand still and not fear because of the fruit of impatience is anxiety and fear.
  2. A Clear/Pure mind: With time, you’re able to analyze and critically think about the details in a situation which will clear your mind of quick/vague ideas.
  3. Trust: In the process of waiting, you’ll learn that you are not in control. As for me, I started trusting God more because I couldn’t trust in myself to have control.

Ways to Wait:

  1. Occupy your time: Sometimes, when we’re focused on one thing, we obsess over it. Don’t allow one portion of your life to overtake you. Enjoy your family and friends, and continue to live your life full of goals.
  2. Quiet time/ Prayer: If you’re in a waiting season, it’s time for you to schedule personal time to think and/or pray. The Bible says that God will hear you (Ps. 40:1), strengthen you (Ps. 27:14), and renew/refresh your thoughts (Eph. 4:23).

Thanks for reading! I plan to write more about relationships and my relationship journey because there’s a lot more to my “worth the  wait” journey. But, I hope this helps you in your waiting season. And don’t worry, it’s Life, That’s It!


On July 4th, my handsome gentleman proposed after 6 months of friendship and 3.6 years of dating with a purpose. Results of waiting on the Lord because he was worth the wait.




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  1. Danielle says:

    Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing, sis!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Danielle!!! =D


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