Getting Through Painful Moments

Pain or no Pain?

Which one would you choose? I do not prefer pain, however; I’m starting to look at pain better these days. I’ve experience pain, struggle, heartache, and challenges in many areas of my life. And whenever pain appears, it leaves a mark! Usually when people encounter pain, we automatically assume it’s for the worst. However, what if pain was meant for our good…

Before you call me crazy, let me give you some surface level examples where pain has been beneficial: (pain->pleasure)

  • Everyone, biologically, goes through growing pains! When teens hit puberty, the body aches, at times, because we’re growing muscles, developing, and getting taller. -> So a child with childlike feature grows to have adult body features
  • For the ladies: sometimes, we go through a lot of pain to reach physical beauty goals. We wax certain areas of our body, get perms to straighten hair, get hair extensions like braids/weave, or wear high heels -> At the end of the day, we feel good physically and beautiful.
  • In school, students study for tests and homework causing headaches, early mornings and sleepless nights -> But this leads to graduating and/or good grades.
  • For those who exercise, pain arises from the tension and stress placed on your body -> which in turn, strengthens/builds your muscles.

I know, the examples listed may not be as painful to you as they are to others. So, let’s go deeper:

  • Maybe you’ve been trying to get a job, but no one’s hiring you.
  • Perhaps pressure from outside sources caused you to fail a semester.
  • Money is funny because “the way your back account is set up”….and bills won’t be paid
  • You could have just been dumped or got out of a relationship/friendship you believed was going to last forever
  • Possibly, you lost a loved one


No, I’m not telling you that this pain is something you should rejoice about. I can see where this pain could take a negative shift on your life. Often times, people question why God allows bad things to happen to people. Yet, with all types of pain (surface level, or deeper level), there’s something to gain or learn. Life is full of struggles. It’s like a challenge that has been placed on you or a test to see how you’ll overcome. Ultimately, pain will lead to growth and strength.

The positive side of pain is up to you. How will you deal with the pain you’ve encountered? Just like exercising, you also have to provide your body with the right nutrients to remain in-shape, and withstand the activity and pressure you’re placing on it. I’m not saying you should like when painful challenges happen in your life, but here are my tips to help your painful process:

  1. Keep pushing through! Don’t give up! I know it’s not going to be easy, but take each day at a time and continue to have positive thoughts in your mind.
  2. Keep the faith! Although God allows struggles in your life, He wants to build your trust/strength in him. Pray for strength and peace of mind. Do not be wavered by the obstacles you see, but have faith that God has already overcome them for you. Scriptures to review: Romans 5:3-4 (Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; & character, hope) | 2 Corinthians 5:7 (Live by faith not by sight) | John 16:33 (He has overcome the world) | Psalms 55:22 (Cast your cares on God)


You can live through it! You are not alone. The situation may hurt, but remember to press forward. Take that bad moment in your life, and use it to motivate your future advancement. When you look back on your journey, you’ll have an amazing testimony to spread on how you made it through.

P.S. Don’t forget, it’s Life, that’s it. ❤

This photo was taken in 2013 when my Uncle Richard passed away. In a matter of 5 years, my family lost 3 members: My Uncles Ray, Richard, and Ike. We learned the strength of family, and together we grew in love. (Picture: My twin brother Terrell and I)

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